09 January 2009

Standard Operating Procedure

Errol Morris once again proves why he kicks so much ass. I think every calamity should be investigated by his team.

Another home-run. This time covering the Abu Ghraib scandal and the soldiers who took the fall.

While 98% perfect, the film's only real failing is it's assumption that you know more than you do… like who people are and what their fates will become. Even in the end, there are questions. I sometimes think, Morris expects us all to be as brilliant as he is.

This is endemic of all of his work.

Be Kind, Rewind

Funny. Smart. Jack Black is tolerable and Mos Def is perfect as always.

Danny Glover also really strong.

And of course, Michel Gondry continues to prove his talents… and happy childhood… I mean, seriously, does anything get this guy down?