23 January 2009

Revolutionary Road

Sam Mendes + Kate Winslet = Indescribably good movie.


I am drained. I don't know what to say only that I have to see this movie again, watching for every little detail.

22 January 2009

To Live and Die in LA

Got this one on DVD and it looks to have a couple of extended scenes built right in. Nothing too obvious, but I saw stuff I couldn't recall before from past viewings.

Awesome film. I love Freidkin's work and this has one of the best chase scenes ever put to film.


Shanghai Noon

Just needed something stupid on in the background, ended up watching the whole thing.

Damn fine entertainment that is.

I've review this before. Yawn. You know the score.

21 January 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

This was a really emotional film. Draining, actually.

Not David Fincher best work, but make just one or two steps behind Fight Club or Seven.

Incredibly tight production value. Amazing acting once again from Kate and Brad… just top notch.

Julia Ormond was a pleasant surprise. She's one of my favorite actresses… and what felt like it was going to be a throw-away role, turned out to be a vital part of the collective emotionality. The story isn't just about Benjamin, but also about the lives he touches.

Drawn from F. Scott Fitzgerald's very famous short story, the movie contains many almost Dickensian tropes, such as a wealthy benefactor, an overly romanticized "affair" (that goes on way too long), and the 1930s approach to everything… even though the story ends at the time of Hurricane Katrina.

All that does not distract from the quality of this movie — which is half Meet Mr. Black and half Great Expectations — taking the good from each. Certainly among the top 50 movies of the year, but clearly not the best.