30 May 2009

Every Little Step

First, I am not gay. Second, I hate musicals. Third, I am not gay.

I saw this documentary about A Chorus Line, because the preview was interesting.

Sadly, the movie was not. It was a reality show, not a documentary. Who will get cut? Who won't? Oh my. The drama.

Since I've never seen A Chorus Line, 90% of the documentary was indecipherable gibberish — well, Cassie is the most complex JIBBER JABBER BLAH. "I don't care!"

For anyone looking to watch a documentary about a musical they've never seen, I highly recommend this one. It's chock full of all the gay and none of the backstage drama you were hoping for. All the while making sure you never get a glimpse of anything substantial except really really really dated 1974 dialog.

Oh. And if you are a fan of the musical, apparently some 15+ characters/dancers are ignored during the documentary. Apparently, they were easy to cast or those characters are boring.

Or whatever.

What Would Jesus Buy

This should have been a 20-minute special on Nightline. Not a 90-minute documentary. Loved the message, but I couldn't finish it. And the Jesus angle was unnecessary. You can hate the consumerism of XMas without loving god.

29 May 2009

Terminator Salvation

I don't recall a colon (:) in the title, so somehow this movie is about the salvation of terminators. Okay. Sure. Whatever. It's got to be about something, because it's not about entertainment.

Redemption would have been a more appropriate title as the writers resort to the tired "three times over three acts" trope prevalent in all B-movies. "No one gets a second chance" is the tired recitation of this particular film that in no one resembles anything close to a story, logical thread, or purpose (beyond blowing crap up).

If you're a fan of Terminator (One), then you know the series has gotten worse with each film — although in all honesty, I really like three (I have my reasons, and yes the girl terminator is dumb) and I think two does not age well. T1 on the other hand is a perfect movie.

In many ways, Terminator Four is to Terminator what AVP is to Alien. The mythology is kinda still there, but it's not important enough to really address other than to give people a reason to blow crap up (as I mentioned before). The attempt at a story is made a few times, but it eventually gets punched into the earth like so many bad Terminator/Transformer sequels that are coming for the next nine years (in 2018, we win the war against Skynet and this will all be over).

I didn't expect anything going in, but sometimes that's even worse than having expectations. At the very least if someone told me that the film would ignore everything from three completely and then only cherry pick the logic from T1 and T2 that suited them, I might have just avoided the film altogether. As it stands, the best part of this movie is the barrage of awesome previews that come before it.

Really looking forward to BrĂ¼no.