08 June 2009

Dan in Real Life

Rest assured, that if it was up to me, Dane Cook would be removed from the timeline by Skynet Terminators that went back in time before his birth and sterilized his mother. So, you can be certain that I would never watch a Dane Cook movie. Even on a dare.

When I rented Dan in Real Life, I didn't know Dane was in it, but luckily the two true stars of the film (and the three daughters) soaked up 90% of the screen time, so the film is really really enjoyable during that 90% of the time — minus whatever minutes take place from the moment the girls say, "Go get her" until the film ends; I suspect that's about 8 minutes.


There you go. A 98-minute movie, minus 8 minutes, minus another 10% (modified as Dan Cook time) and you have 81-minutes of entertainment.

Not bad. Especially if you're pirating the movie from some site that the Swedish Pirate Party endorses.