16 June 2009

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

I really liked this. And I know everyone else hated it. But I loved it. I just wish it could have been meaner.

The last 10 minutes are stupid... I've been saying that a lot lately, but it feels like people have forgotten how to end a movie.

Seriously. This one becomes a completely different movie in no time... it's almost like they forgot what the movie was about and raced to get two people together that had nothing to do with anything... it wasn't a romantic comedy... just a comedy.

They could have ended BIG and instead, they ended stupid.

Big Fish

I am not a fan of Tim Burton. In fact, I've enjoyed fewer of his movies than I've hated. He rarely understands the narrative thread and usually focuses on tiresome crap that no one (but he) cares about. Seriously, you can be a Burton fan, if you like. But don't tell me he's a storyteller... just tell me his an art director and we can stop arguing.

But Big Fish is an exception to everything I just said. It's smart, well-written, excellently paced, and brilliantly cast... Albert Finney could convince me that my feet were soft-boiled eggs... he's so good at what he does. Billy Crudup is always solid. Jessica Lange doesn't get enough screen time, and Ewan McGregor might have the performance of his career here.

I love this film... even when I shouldn't.

The FX are bad... really bad... even when they aren't supposed to be bad.

15 June 2009

The Taking of Pelham 123

I'm not sure of the logic here. You decide to remake a classic film that really doesn't need to be remade. You hire Tony Scott. You involve Denzel. And then you cast one of the retreads from Road Hogs (man, I wish that thing had buried some careers). You basically ignore most everything from the first except for details like names and so on.

And then set about making the movie it's own THING, before driving it off the Washington bridge with one of the worst endings I've ever seen.

Seriously… does travolta write his own lines? Because no professional writer could barf anything that ridiculous.

AMC: I want my $10.50, back.

And the bribe angle... really?!?!


I love Pixar. I even endured Cars. But this one is NOT for kids. Sure it has talking dogs (very clever), and stupid dog planes (not clever), but the themes and tone are not for kids.

I don't know how this one got past Disney.

Anyway. Saw it twice, already and I loved it more the first time. It does not have very much replay value.

But, it is still amazing.

Repeat. Amazing.