09 July 2009

Rodger Dodger

I couldn't make it past the third verbal beatdown by the main character — thusly turning the movie off — but the opening Tarantino-esque rant at the film's opening is far better than anything I've seen, short of Reservoir Dogs.

Look for it on youtube if you can.

Salton Sea

It took me about 10 years to finally get around to seeing this.

Val Kilmer is great in this one. I'm sorry this film didn't do better. And I'm sorry Anthony. LaPaglia just phones it in. Everything else in this movie is superb. The last five minutes are choppy at best and haphazard at worst... but that doesn't hurt the rest of the film.

Seriously. I just should just stop saying the ending sucked to movies. Just assume it did, unless I say otherwise... American Cinema has no clue how to close a film.

The film is dark, Kilmer brooding, and the pieces of the whole more than the sum. With a few minor glitches, there's not much else I can say without talking about the plot... which you want to see for yourself.

08 July 2009

Public Enemies

What the hell?

DId Michael Mann go crazy? Sure Miami Vice wasn't great, but it was still passable, especially when you compare it to junk like the Transformers. But when you take the film style of Miami Vice, break up the script like a jigsaw puzzle, remove all the tension, and then set it in the 1930s, it's kind of stupid.

Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 65.... 65!!! But then you read some of the reviews and the red tomatoes are really kind of 50/50 reviews of a poorly transcribed piece of work. I don't get it?!?

What am I missing?

Did I see an uncut copy or something?

I was so bored, I didn't care when the fight scenes finally happened. I didn't care when someone died. I didn't care and I didn't care. And I don't really care to say much more about this movie.

Bad Movie Night

I'm going to review all three films at once and just say... at least they were better than Public Enemies and Transformers 2. Bear in mind, it was just a bad movie night for the sake of a bad movie night. This won't happen again for a while.

Hank and Mike. Perhaps the worst titled movie since Boat Trip, this movie is about Easter rabbits who get down-sized in order to make profits. It's well-handled actually, with humans in bunny suits, one who is too shy for words and the other who drinks, smokes, and cusses. It's not Shakespeare, but it's pretty funny. C+ to B-

Marley and Me. Okay. I have no right to see this movie and this movie has no right to be sad. Damnit. We know the dog is going to die when everyone ages 10+ years, but that doesn't make it any easier for us. No dog is as bad as this one is portrayed in the film, but it's still fun to watch him break everything... and it's not nearly as lame as Beethoven or Air Bud or any talking dog movie. It's more about the family, with the dog disrupting their lives. Again, not Chaucer, but still enjoyable enough to not make you wretch. C+

Definitely, Maybe. What is wrong with me? A romantic comedy? Really? And I watched it all the way through. And I even liked some of it? What the heck. Sadly, there's no room in this world for mold-breaking romantic comedies and this movie's marketing was nothing like the actual film. Ryan Reynolds was awesome. His three co-stars were good to great. And the young girl from Little Miss Sunshine (Abigail Breslin) was just perfectly cast. The last 15 minutes suck, because, well... the director is gay and needed to make us all feel good about every little thing and couldn't leave anything to chance. No dangling plot threads here. Could have been a B+, but the ending makes it a C+. I really liked the subplot about the book, but they botched it at the end.