18 July 2009

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The classic, amazing, near-perfect B-Movie romp was just as good as I remember.

Back to back with Pee-Wee, that's some good movie watching.

Big Top Pee Wee next? Hmm....

If you have seen Killer Klowns, get off your bum and rent it. Now. Go.

I'll wait.

BIG LINE: "What are you gonna do with those pies, boys?"

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Played at the local arthouse this evening... I can't believe how well this film holds up. Hilariously good.

And even with Tim Burton at the helm.


I forgot about the "training monkeys" line... perfect!

Thanks Long Beach Art Theatre

15 July 2009

Huozhe (To Live)

Among my favorite movies of all time, Zhang Yimou's To Live is perhaps the most depressing movie around. Telling the story of a Chinese family that goes from estate owners to impoverished victims of the Communist revolution over the course of three decades.

You Ge and Li Gong absolutely own this film, in fact, I've never seen Li Gong (or Gong Li) ever take second-fiddle to another actor so well. As Xu Fugui, You Ge deserves all the accolades he received.


Just amazing work.

And the directing is painstakingly good. If you don't cry at least once at this film, you are a soulless monster.

Spoorloos (the Vanishing)

In an attempt to finally start watching good movies again, I rented the original Criterion Collection version of the Vanishing. Rated 100 on rotten tomatoes, it is among one of the most perfect movies ever made. Unlike it's American counterpart (dreadful), the Dutch/French version is right up there with the best Hitchcock films.

In fact, because the movie hardly even treats itself like a psychological horror film, the things that take place are that much more disconcerting... and unlike the remake, this one doesn't have a nonsensical ending.

14 July 2009

Bad Movie Night II

Lower Learning. Brainless comedy about an elementary school and someone siphoning money out of said school. My brain died a little.

He's Just Not That Into You. Mindless romantic drivel about why women are so stupid and no one can write dialog anymore. My heart died a little.

How is it possible that Jason Biggs has fallen so far and that Justin Long can do anything now?

Sad. Really sad.

My Name is Bruce

Continuing my quest for bad movies...

I've never seen a B-actor make so much fun of himself — this is a really good "bad" movie.

I wish the ending made more sense and I wish the dancing scene in the middle was gone. Otherwise, this is fantastic.

Grade A bad movie!