22 July 2009

State of Play (2003)

Not the Ben Affleck movie (where everything is given away in the preview), but the British mini-series that waits five hours to give you any real information, and then rushes the final episode.


Paced liked the State Within and Five Days, both BBC mini-series, this one is the weakest of the three. Mostly because there are no likable characters (well, Bill Nighy is always good), the narrative thread is forced, and desire to actually pay attention to anyone but John Simm's character is nigh-impossible... not sure why the cast was that huge if they weren't going to use them. Seriously... the guy playing Pete (Benedict Wong) was in all six episodes and had less dialog than this review.


I love ensemble cast stuff and this is not it. This is 30 characters all trumping up one lame character who finds out information at such a slow plodding pace, there's not really much to watch, except him being the biggest selfish bastard in mini-series history.

And he's the protagonist.

First three episodes are really good, though, in my opinion. But they really needed to edit that script down or fill it with something else. Because it's not Shakespeare.


Based on a true story, I think… about the Enigma machines used by the Nazi navy during WWII.

Part espionage. Part codebreaking. Part history. Part love story.

I'm not sure how to review this one.

It was okay. Not great. There was really very little tension.

Maybe because I just watched State of Play as well, I think British "trickery" in film-making is a little heavy-handed... at least in these two cases.

Big Trouble in Little China

This movie is my heroin. If someone were dying and I was watching this movie, I would have to finish the movie before I could help them.

That's just the way it is.