30 August 2009


Another Guy Ritchie film, this time following the same story-telling style of Snatch, with a hint of Revolver thrown into the mix. The results are a B+, instead of the A+ that is Snatch. And while I liked most of the characters a lot more in this film, Gerard Butler's voice and Johnny Quid's drug-addled behavior wore thin.

Mark Strong (as Archy) was the best part of the film, however. He really was the most collected. After that, the two Russian bad-asses that wouldn't die were also a nice treat. Again Snatch does this a little better.

Jeremy Piven and Ludacris make a good pair in this film, mimicking the work that Guy Ritchie laid down in Revolver.

Sadly, none of these films come even close to Layer Cake. But, I recommend the entire series for someone looking for a weekend of London's criminal element.


Over-rated documentary about an over-rated writer detailing events that had little or nothing to do with Hunter S. Thompson. The celebrity of Thompson always outweighed the writing prowess. It's too bad these documentarians had to sling some other snake oil…

I ended up turning it off 30 minutes before the end. I just didn't care. Jimmy Carter and George McGovern turned out to be 100 times more interesting than Thompson, who always wished he could be Burroughs, to be sure.