11 September 2009


This movie is not what you expect.

This movie is not what anyone expects.


Three different times during the course of watching the film, my opinion and observations changed.

Really smart.

Good movie. That's all I can say.

No spoilers.

One of Aniston's best characters ever.


Seems odd to me that a nearly two hour movie called "fighting" would have only three fight scenes in it, an overly complex love story, truly original and organic dialog, and a truly predictable and boring finish.

I'm really, really confused. I don't like Tatum Channing anyway, but I was expecting more or less from this movie. Not... what I got.

MMA fans will be bored. Women looking for a love story will be confused. And anyone with brain cells will be offended.

10 September 2009

12 Monkeys

Among my favorite movies of all time.

Favorite Quote: A monkey and a roast beef sandwich.

The Great Buck Howard

I really liked this movie, but I did NOT like the extras. Nor did I like the last 10 minutes of this film. Writers love to make it look so easy to become a writer.


For those unaware of the story, the writer/director creates an homage to the Amazing Kreskin and his own story of becoming a writer/director. While self-serving, the film is really fun... until you watch the extras.

So, don't.