23 September 2009

The Hunter

Steve McQueen's final film and a living testament to the pure genius of his work. An aging bounty hunter, played by a dying actor, having trouble climbing up fences and running.

So good.

I mean, the movie opens with Steve McQueen having trouble "parking his car."

The final chase scene is like nothing else I've seen. So strong.

21 September 2009


Perhaps Adrian Brody's best performance. Milla Jovovich's too. Fantastic movie. Hilarious.

Among my favorite movies. I read some negative reviews of it on Rotten Tomatoes... and I have to ask... why?!?

Seriously good film.

20 September 2009

Osmosis Jones

My wife had never seen this old cartoon by the Farelly Brothers. Chris Rock, Bill Murray, David Hyde Pierce, a young Elena Franklin, and a few others.

Really good stuff. Not for kids, though... which might be why it didn't crush at the box office.

Murray is fantastic. Of course... and I really like Molly Shannon in this too.