11 October 2009


The original Wages of Fear is among on the greatest films ever made. It is nearly perfect and I can't find one flaw in it. Saying the William Freidkin's remake (Sorcerer) is only half as good as the original, still means it is half-way to perfect.

Freidkin is a master at setting, tone, and tension... French Connection and Exorcist are perfect examples of what he can accomplish. Sadly, this (and Brink Job) show Freidkin slowly losing his edge. While the opening 40 minutes is nothing but fluff, the travails along the way are just as precarious and harrowing as the original... sadly they are shorter and there are fewer of them.

In the end, the remake seems unnecessary (even though it is good) and does nothing to add to the original with the exception of the final scene.