13 November 2009


Vitus is a German film about a young boy whose IQ is beyond measure and the complications that arise from a world that bores him.

He's a masterful piano player and everything he tries to do, he masters effortlessly. The movie meanders during ACT II and then comes together in the end. It's really good.

And for a German film, it's quite emotional. I was impressed.

The movie is not about expert film techniques, lighting, and cheoreography. But it is about story and narrative. Which are really important to me.

12 November 2009


Another of the many documentaries about debt and fiscal irresponsibility.

It is the best made of these, but other than the information about Medicare, there's nothing new here.

In fact, what's obvious to me about this documentary is that young people aren't going to foot the bill of Medicare twenty years from now; so this really won't cripple the government the way the documentary insists it will.

But yeah, the American economy is THAT screwed. If you haven't watched any of these kinds of documentaries, this is the one to watch.

Sword of the Stranger

I saw this in theatres before during that one day extravoganza. And my opinion has not changed. Unless improving is change.

Fantastic. I wish all anime was this good.

Watched it twice in fact, before sending it back to Netflix.

So. Frickin. Good.