15 November 2009

Who Am I?

In order to cleanse the awful taste of Kung Fu Chefs from my mouth, I had to watch one of my favorite Jackie Chan films. I've reviewed this movie a bunch of times on this site. I'm not going to do it again. I skip the first 15 minutes now, when I watch this film and get right to the road rally race portion. After watching it 20 times, can you blame me?

Gong fu chu shen (Kung Fu Chefs)

Sammo Hung and a few other no namers take on the world of Iron Chef cookery and kung fu nonsense is the epileptic story with two many themes to count. Siu-Lung Leung makes a small appearance as Sammo Hung's estranged brother. Illogic and poor writing stars throughout the film.

Only three fight scenes. All of them good.