03 December 2009

The Road


I read the book (which is amazing) and this movie does not disappoint.

Based on Cormac McCarthey's book of the same name.

So exhausting, though. Depressing. Grueling. Not a





John Hillcoat directs. He also directed the Proposition. Which I hated. It was good to see that he didn't go into too many boring useless directions.

I'd be curious to know if he read the book or not.

Awesome cameos in this. Very little dialog. Bleak landscapes.

Everything a post-apocalyptic film is supposed to be.

Lots of details to pay attention to. Lots of moments of awful human misery and indignity. Not for people who think 2012 is about the end of the world.

Long Way Down

Based on the exceptional Long Way Round documentary about Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman going EAST from London to New York, this new film (in 10 parts) takes the pair from the Northern Tip of Scotland to the Southern Tip of the Cape of Good hope in South Africa.

Like the original, the pair travel with Claudio (camerman) and find ways to get into accidents and mangle their motorcycles (more than a few times). The first 7 episodes this go around a very boring though, as the pair rushes from location to location, barely enjoying themselves at any of the locations they visit. In fact, a lot of Drama unfolds as a result.

And not good drama. Just pissing and moaning.

However, when the pair get to Tanzania (the last three episodes of the series) the film explodes open with potential. You can see everyone finally enjoying themselves, visiting gorgeous corners of Africa, and really taking the bikes into fun quadrants of the dark continent.

No where near as good as the Mongolian and Kazakhstani legs of the original series, Long Way Down suffers from exploring material that's been explored before... and this time with more money and more creature comforts.

If you like motorcycle stories and epic cross-country journeys this is a must-see, but I would certainly recommend Long Way Round before recommending this.