02 February 2010

Avatar Review Online

This is why I won't see this movie thing.


01 February 2010

The Burrowers

Mostly Western and some horror, this movie is really, really good.

I was surprised. I was expecting low-budget schlock and instead I got a quality production, well-paced, and brilliantly scripted. Like any Western, the good and evil is clearly defined, and as always, the true enemy is always man. Even those the monster in this is pretty twisted... I won't ruin it, but the final moments of the movie are hideous.

The pacing is good, the characters semi-strong, and the story pretty engrossing. It reminds me a little of the old film, Leviathan.

I have only one complaint, it's the damned design on the monster. It's not an issue of cutting corners. They had a budget, but it's almost like they went with the first monster sketch the director's kid brother turned in. It makes no sense as a beast.

Before I saw it on the screen, I think the silhouette resembled a bunny.

A bunny would have been better.

31 January 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Okay. I run out of superlatives in a situation like this. So. Here's my attempt to express how much I loved this film.

I've said before how much I hate kid cartoons and that even as a kid, Peter Pan and the rest all sucked. As an adult, my tastes have not changed. In fact, talking gerbils that fart are not funny to me.

Ice Age 1 was funny, the rest are stupid. Penguin films (all ten of them) are lame. Toy Story is just okay, and Cars was awful.

But once in a while, someone makes Up! or a gem like this one — Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

The Good:
Only one talking animal, and this one needs an invention on its head to talk.
No singing.
The Island they live on (Swallow Falls) is under the A in Atlantic Ocean on the map, where all they eat is sardines.
The main character actually has three dimensions and is not just a nerd in a lab coat.
His love interest is very close to three dimensional as well.
James Caan as the dad is brilliant casting.
Smart dialog and comedy.

This movie is so good, I'm not sure how it only got an 86 on Rotten Tomatoes.

And I'm not sure how any Studio greenlit such a smart film. It's not for Roland Emmerich fans, stupid children, or their stupid parents. It's slick. Really, really slick.

The Invention of Lying

What an absolutely awesome opening 25 minutes this movie has. An entire world of people who can't lie. And therefore know that everything they hear is true. Commercials are frank and honest. And movies are nothing more than lecturers readings from history books.

Very nice.

But the true genius of the film is when Ricky Gervais goes gambling and later invents the concept of god, because he (after all) has invented lying.

It's all an accident, however, and soon the movie can't seem to get back to the funny it once had. Half-way through the film you don't care anymore. It slowly, and sluggishly goes from funny, to pitiful-romantic, to kafka-esque sorrow.


Um.... saving up my strength for my next review, so... that's all.

ASIDE: I can't list the entire cast, because the cameos are so good, but you will like the first half of this movie. I promise.

Land of the Lost

Will Ferrell comedy that's less Will Ferrell than normal. The Matt Lauer scenes are hilarious and the movie is generally better than one would expect it to be.

But it's a silly spoof. Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.

That is all.

Undercover Brother

I'm not sure what's so special about the Collector's Edition (rental), but my wife had never seen the movie before.



Good movie. There's plenty of good reviews of it online. Since it's a comedy, I don't feel the need to go into filming techniques or anything. It's just a solid comedy.

NOTE: Orange Soda gags are always funny and Billy Dee Williams under mind control. Oh damn.