08 April 2010

Planet Hulk

Sometimes amazing, other times extremely stupid, this animated film is why HULK is never used properly in any property, including the TV Show, the movies, and now the animated films.

You want to see the real HULK, read Maestro or Secret Wars.

Those are true HULK stories.

Not a single named actor did voices for this.

Big Fan

Imagine Robert De Niro's Fan, only it's supposed to be funny. Except it's not funny. And it's not any better.

Big Fan fails to do what every black comedy fails to do... get the main character to stop making stupid decisions.

Patton Oswalt is funny, but the movie fails to go anywhere and at minute 50, we're wondering when he will stop being such a screw-up.

You can guess the rest.

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

Among the conspiracy theory films about 9/11, this is the smartest.

This is categorized as a documentary, but it's really a very well thought-out essay, with video footage and narration.

If this topic interests you, see it.

I can't really judge it, other than that.

I do not recommend it for conservatives, people who hate having their values questioned, or anyone who likes oil-rich nations for being oil rich.


Miyazaki tries to do the Little Mermaid.

And fails.





Add to it a long list of actors who bring nothing to the film.


I love smart time travel films. I recently did a top 10 science fiction list on my other blog and I totally forgot about Primer... and now Timecrimes comes along. Low-budget Spanish science fiction.

Who would have thought it.

Only four actors in the whole thing.