03 May 2010

Song of Sparrows

I recently mocked the marketing text for this movie on another blog. The text reads…
In this well-crafted Iranian drama, a broken hearing aid and a wayward bird become catalysts for a career change and sudden prosperity, as well as an ethical and spiritual quandary, for ostrich wrangler Karim (Reza Naji). Fired from his ranch job after one of his charges escapes, Karim sets off to get his daughter's hearing aid fixed in Tehran, where he's mistaken for a motorcycle cabbie -- and soon his fares and travels begin to warp his values.
And while this is "sort of" the plot, it has nothing to do with the film's theme or center. In reality, it's a film about an Iranian man who lets his pride override his decision-making. It's a great movie, done in the style of all "small" stories, especially out of the middle east. If you like these kinds of films, Song of Sparrows will surprise you.

If you must have explosions, move along.