17 June 2010

Chop Shop

Another film by Ramin Bahrani, Chop Shop is very nearly the same film as Man Push Cart, only a little better, but with a very annoying co-star in Isamar Gonzales. Set in the back ass of Jersey or the Bronx or wherever it is that the NY Mets play, this film follows the life of young Ale (and his older and stupider sister, Isi) as he struggles to make a life for himself amidst the wreckage of a Chop Shop alley, which serves as a metaphor for his fracture childhood.

Both orphans, the pair live in a small shack about the Body Work place run by owner and friend, Rob — a silly contrivance, but a necessary vehicle for the other merits of the film.

Much like Man Push Cart, this movie has no real "plot" to speak of, but is an interesting character study, showing how a child relates to the adult world around him, and young actor Alejandro is up to the task of showing how a child might walk, talk, and even count money like an adult. Damn. Just watch his hands. The kid is obviously talented.

And much like Man Push Cart, it's the quiet time in the film one truly enjoys.

I could write a very long review about this, but you really just need to see it.

Excellent piece of film-making.

14 June 2010


Absolutely perfect movie.

So good. I was crying, I laughed so hard.