25 June 2010

She's Out of My League

I generally loathe romantic comedies, modern comedies, and any movie where the leading man is actually replaced by the leading sissy. Add in a pet, a montage, and a neurotic, self-absorbed Meg Ryan-clone and you've got the perfect film for me to steal the master of and set ablaze in my backyard along with Prince's music and books written by celebrities.

This movie has none of those things.

And in fact, it might be one of my favorite romantic comedies in a long long time.

Jay Baruchel plays Kirk, a TSA agent, two-years single from a breakup with his powerfully unfeeling ex (who remains great friends with his family). Kirk is not a stereotypical geek/loser that litters that detritus-strewn wasteland of Judd Apatow tripe passing as comedy. And the fact that Jay Baruchel plays the subtle boundaries between nice guy and a fated '5' so well, it's no wonder it failed at a box-office that has long since considered subtlety as important as subtitles and letterbox.

While formulaic, and it is every bit a formula, the movie has great characters, great dialog, and a "bridge" (what i call the scene in a romantic comedy where everything goes to crap) that is about as perfect as any I've ever seen. I watched the argument three times, it was so good.

My favorite part of the film is how Jay Baruchel never plays him like a sissy, a whipped-dog, or someone that ever has anything to apologize for. Unheard of in romantic comedies.

If you don't like it, I'll mail you a dollar.

Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson and director Martin Campbell try to bite off more than they can chew is this distracted and often poorly timed and themed attempt at political suspense. A smaller budget would have been the first place to start with this making this a better film. Followed by a director cutting out a lot of script nonsense... I still don't understand why he was kidnapped, left on a gurney, and then allowed to escape back to the place he was just kidnapped from 5 minutes ago. Who writes like that?

There's some really good moments, overshadowed by two dozen bad choices and characters you don't really care too much about.