09 July 2010


All you need to know is that it's the best of the series and the only one worth watching anymore. Lawrence Fishburne was a throw-away portion of the film, though.

05 July 2010


I'm surprised that I took this long to watch Ed Harris' film about one of my favorite artists. While I generally hate biopics (see my previous post), I enjoyed this one... even with all it's liberties.

Some of it was quite accurate, like the filmmaker who comes out of the farm to make a movie about Pollack.

Other parts would be almost impossible to verify.

Stephanie Seymour has a small cameo. As does Jennifer Connelly. Damn.

Broken Arrow (1950)

Based loosely on the real life figures of Cochise and Tom Jeffords, this biopic is another in a long-line of biopics that embellish and dramatize, when the real events are perfectly interesting. Add to it the 1950s mentality of filming "Indians" on horseback and raids against soldiers and you've got a movie that could have been great, reduced to nothing more than tired platitudes.

I love Jimmy Stewart, but this was a little bit of a let down.