25 July 2010


This critically-acclaimed film from director Joon-ho Bong (the Host, Memoirs of a Murder) is as good as everyone claims. Amazing. Absolutely, over the top good. As good as Memoirs of a Murder was, this one is even better. Hye-ja Kim is a top-notch Korean actress and the subtlety of her performance mixed with the boiling fervor of her more manic moments.

Bin Won, who I've never seen in a film before, plays the less than intelligent son perfectly. Flawless performances.

The final moments of the film made me laugh as the peasant "Hal-mu-nee" (할머니) dancing around on the bus. I'm all too aware of how my father-in-law views this "class" of older Korean woman and it made me laugh to see it portrayed in the film.

Not a formulaic film... even by Korean standards.

Finest Moment: Mother trying to walk out of Jin-tae's house with the golf club.