02 September 2010


What I thought would be a documentary about iconography, turned out to be a documentary about industrial design. Fascinating at times, slow at others, this is the best documentary about "design" I've ever seen.

It's even better than Helvetica.

It's a great resource for teachers teaching any kind of design class. Highly recommended viewing if you are at all creative.

Shinjuku Incident

Jackie Chan in a drama... almost completely devoid of kung fu... and he's a bad guy... and it's really good. Seriously.

I can't even begin to fathom how this combination of elements came together.


It of course has it's cheesy moments and it's not a perfect film. However, the film reports on how Chinese immigrants are treated in Japan (and most likely the world over).

I was very impressed.


Imagine Jackie Chan in Days of Thunder. Now imagine that the cars are the least interesting part of the film. And now imagine the last 20 minutes of the film are needless car racing scenes that go absolutely no where.

Add in two good fights. A photo finish you won't believe. And a villain who hurts Jackie's family on a scale you've never seen before. And then it's still only a 4 out 10.


It's that bad.