06 November 2010


Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Ernest Borgnine, Brian Cox.


That's my review.

The Town

Interesting. Directed by and starring Ben Affleck. Not the film I was expecting. A little too much contrivance on the drama/romance end of things. Really smart research on the rest.

I don't have too much to say about it. Everyone was solid in it. Titus Welliver (from Deadwood) has a small role in it, and I would love to have seen more.

Blake Lively does good ugly… considering.

This movie is skipable, even if the previews were outstanding.

02 November 2010

Cop Out

Kevin Smith needs to stop directing. Seriously. I really, really, really enjoyed Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis in this movie. But the entire time, I'm kept asking myself... why does this movie feels so clumsy and uneven.

Films ends.

Credits roll.

Directed by Kevin Smith.


There it is.

A Serious Man

This is the most recent Cohen brothers film for me. I've seen them all, and this might be the most frustrating. And while the ending pays for everything else that comes before it, it does not pay well. And it does not tip.

The movie is about a Jewish man and the movie about Jewish duality through and through. If you are not Jewish, you might not even get most of it. And I fear a lot of it was written to confuse us Gentiles.

The movie is about uncertainly, Schrdenger's cat, and self-imposed torment of being Jewish. Let me reiterate. Self-imposed. I say this not to be offensive to Jews, but to illuminate a failing principle in many Jewish-neurosis dependent films.

Our protagonist, Lawrence Gopnik (I'm not sure if the name has anything to do with young Russian punks or not), is not a hero. He's not sympathetic. He's almost unlikeable. He is unable to make decisions. He has no will of his own. And he's plagued on all sides by people who do nothing more than reinforce ugly Jewish stereotypes. All of his torment is self-imposed. He alone is to blame for his misfortune and gutless life.

He has, in effect, checked out.

And all of this makes him very hard to like. And it makes it even harder to watch for 90+ minutes.

I can see why the film got accolades. And I can appreciate the art of it.

But I just don't like it.

Smart, smart film. Kinda like a brilliant math teacher that you hate.

Les 7 Jours du Talion (7 Days)

It's been a while since I've watched any movies, mostly been watching TV series on DVD and taking a break from everything. This was not the kind of movie you jump into as a novice getting his feet wet again.

Les 7 jours du talion (7 Days of Retaliation) is part Lady Vengeance and part Funny Games. It is among the most disturbing movies I've ever watched and I'm not sure what I was supposed to feel at minute 100 that I didn't feel at minute 80.

This movie is just relentless.

Set in French-Canada (Quebec) and featuring subtitles and all those other things movie goers hate (French words), the movie has no music, no moral compass, and no tidy ending. In fact, you could say they made the last 20 minutes as difficult to relate to as possible.

This movie is not for people with heart conditions.