30 December 2010

Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom (The Good, The Bad, The Weird)

One part Sergio Leone
One part Indiana Jones
One part Clint Eastwood
One part Sukiyaki Western Django
Half-part Tarantino
Two parts Guy Ritchie
Two parts Asian History
One part Korean ridiculousness
One part vermouth

Throw in a treasure map, four or five out of this world action scenes, the Japanese Army, some Russian artillery, Machurian gangsters, opium dealers, hot Chinese hookers, and a train full of baubles.

Well damn.

I can't even tell you how awesome a stew that is. This really is a slam dunk of a movie. It's like farting thunderbolts and your TV is a lightning rod.

It also has Kang-ho Song; my favorite Korean actor. He's just perfect in the role of weird.

Seriously this film is brain-scrambling good.