23 March 2011


Andrew Kevin Walker is the writer of both Se7en and 8mm (among others). Had a more skillful director taken on 8mm, his career would have skyrocketed as a writer. Instead, Cage and Keener try to breath life into characters that Walker purposes makes sublime animals sleepwalking through life.

At least, that's always been my take on it.

8mm, instead, was directed by Joel Schumacher who has been stinking up films for a long time. Even with Tigerland and Phone Booth (considerably his best movies), the films are both saved by a young Colin Farrel and two outstanding scripts.


How does he continue to get work.

In researching this review, I found out Schumacher directed Veronica Guerin... a film with one of my favorite actresses of all time, that I couldn't drag myself to go watch. And now I know why.

You can blame him for Batman 3 and 4 all you want. For my money, there's nothing worse than watching him butcher films like Flawless and Number 23... movies with subtle scripts and dark material that probably needed a gifted hand to guide them, instead of someone who directs with a hammer and machete.

Christ. Even Tarantino would have done something interesting with 8mm. It wouldn't have been watchable. But it would have been interesting.

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