23 March 2011

Please Give

There's no question that director Nicole Holofcener likes working with Catherine Keener. She's cast her in all three of her girl-centric full feature films. And Keener is one of those actresses that is hit and miss for me. Granted she always plays the ball-busting, narcissistic, monotone "bitch" that I think everyone casts her for. The question is, why do people pay to see that?

On some level, movies are supposed to entertain. Even the artistic ones.

Why would anyone ever pay money to see someone tell them to fold their socks? Because that's what 90-minutes with Keener in this movie is like.

The script is smart. The direction solid. The acting is good too. But Keener pushes the envelope of annoying with this one. All the hidden meanings, symbolism, and metaphor can't really compete when your main character is in a bad mood for the entire movie.

Sad is an emotion. Angry is an emotion. One can even feel dejected or betrayed. But a bad mood is not an emotion.

And therefore it's not something to empathize with. It's just something that makes you eventually ask, "Can someone get this woman a midol? Please?"

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